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WRITERS: Clare Duffy, Isobel McArthur, Meghan Tyler, Isabel WrightDIRECTOR: Paul Brotherston

ENSEMBLE: Kim Allan, David James Kirkwood, Isobel McArthur

GOLDEN ARM: Gareth Anderson (Drums), Angus Carbarns (Bass/Vocals), Dylan Childs (Guitar/Vocals)


Tron Theatre, Glasgow - 4th November 2015, 13th January 2016

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh - 22nd January 2016 electrifying show, full of sad and witty reflection on where we are now both personally and carries a real shiver of innovation: a refusal to accept that the fizzing energy of young theatre artists has to be tamed to a style that still alienates so many, and can never rival the left-field appeal of the indie music scene, where those who come together to resist the sadnesses and idiocies of our world so often find a home.
— The Scotsman